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Art project aims to document gentrifying city: 'It's not just Brooklyn'

Supporters of crowdsourced art initiative say takeover of inner-city areas by affluent outsiders 'is a concern everywhere'

Zinesters Do It on the Photocopier

The Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which holds over 1300 hard copies of queer zines past and present, was born of punk music, the DIY aesthetic, anarcho-queer politics and a little romance.

Is the Fear of Death Controlling Your Anxiety?

Why We Need to Talk About Our Fear of Death

Living Local: On Home Exchanges and Friendships

Being open to the intimacy of international friendships forged through home exchange requires an open heart, yes, but also an open hand, head, and house.

My Berlin for Your Brooklyn

An unexpected surprise came along with my apartment exchange...